Boxing Day To Black Friday – Sales Are Sales

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It’s that time of year again when the massive furnishing companies are forking out an arm and a leg to advertise their  wares – and if we’re all jolly quick and order now, we can have our chosen suite in time for Christmas.  This is the clarian call every December – and in February we hear sob stories from consumers who ordered, paid out a hefty whack, but did not get a suite by Christmas, or did, but it wasn’t the gloriously huge leather number they thought they’d ordered.

There is a tendency for companies to look to Christmas as the panacea of all ills in the commercial world these days.  It is possible that the Black Friday madness we imported form the US has had a different effect on the way we order.  It has just shifted the good old Boxing Day sales to November – companies are now having to shed stock and prices earlier than Christmas.  Same junk, different month.