Choose the Best Furniture for Your Living Room

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The living room is an important area of your home, whether you live alone or have a large family around you.  This is the room where you will spend a lot of time, and your guests will often spend most of their time here.  Choosing the right furniture to create a welcoming space which can hold up to the wear and tear of everyday life is vital for this part of your home.

Firstly, you need to measure the space you are working with, to allow you to buy furniture which will fit in the room!  Get the widths, heights and lengths of each wall, allowing for any alcoves or recessed spaces too.

Make up a floor plan using the dimensions you measured on graph paper.  This will help you to see where windows and doors are placed, and allow you to experiment with moving furniture around before you commit.

Consider how the room will be used – this will be important as if it is primarily going to be used by children chilling out in front of the TV, you are unlikely to want expensive antiques in there!  Similarly, if it is mainly going to be used by adults relaxing after dinner etc, you might want some fancier accessories.