Ensuring Dad’s Effects Go To Loving New Home

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One of the more interesting things I got involved with over the last few weeks was helping to clear out a bungalow with a pal whose father had recently entered a care home.  This meant that the bungalow needed to be totally cleared, decorated and made good for renting out.  The rent would go a little way to half of one week’s care fees.

After sorting the wardrobes and small stuff like china and bakeware etc – bagged up for the charity shops, we started on the furniture.   There were beds, wardrobes chests – we thought we’d struggle to dispose of them, assuming no one wanted anything that wasn’t from the swedish emporium, but the local auction house were thrilled to collect.  Everything had been so lovingly cared for.  There is a great market for proper wood, be it oak, mahogany, walnut , rose wood.  Proper wood – with no worm.