Fixing Scratches in Wooden Furniture

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Wood furniture is lovely to look at and can be highly durable, but it is definitely susceptible to scratches and dents!  Small scuffs can be fixed easily at home without needing to strip back the wood.  Antique pieces might need professional care, and if you have any doubts it is always better to get a pro to take a look before you attempt to solve the problem yourself!  Here are some ideas to help you sort out minor sratches in wooden furniture.

Carefully clean your furniture before tending to the scratch.  You can use a little mild dish soap with water and a soft cloth to gently remove any dirt from the wood.  Make sure you let it dry before starting your repair.

As most modern wood furniture has some sort of clear finish to it, such as a lacquer, shellac or varnish, different techniques will be used to fix scratches.  You can get felt tip pen type markers to colour scratches – you should apply the colour only to the scratch, not the finished surface!  Sometimes you can use black tea to disguise scratches temporarily while you are waiting to get the scratch seen to!