Moving Up Chain Involves New Furniture Too

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When you move house, particularly going from a small starter home up to the next phase or even further in one jump, there is that temptation to toss out the cheap old furniture and buy, buy, buy.  I’ve witnessed this recently when a young relative moved from a neat little 3 bedroomed starter home with the best of the flatpack furniture they could afford.  They’ve left the wall mounted cabinets they installed to house their tiny collection of glasses, mugs, videos etc.  It was such hard work making up this furniture scheme.  Much agonising holding up cabinets on shoulders whilst the other fixed them to the walls.  They couldn’t face taking them down and making good the walls!   The sheer cost of replacing all seemed prohibitive.  Careful browsing and sourcing online is the only way to really evaluate what’s out there, for how much and what delivery times are.