The Best Way to Care for Leather Furniture

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Lots of us have leather within our furniture at home, be it a sofa, chair or storage unit.  To keep leather looking its best, and lasting a long time, it is important to care for it properly.  Here are some tips for keeping your leather cared for nicely.

Regularly wipe your leather furniture down with a clean, dry cloth.  This helps to keep dust from building up.  Perhaps build this into your weekly cleaning routine so you do not forget!  If you need to, use a little distilled water on your cloth to get really stubbon dust.

Use a vacuum cleaner to get into the nooks and crannies of your furniture.  All furniture builds up dirt and debris at some point, and leather is no exception!  Use a soft bristle attachment on your cleaner and gently go over the surfaces as well as in between cushions.

Clean any spills straight away with a dry cloth or sponge to soak up the worst of the mess.  Wiping it will only spread the dirt further, so blotting and dabbing is the best method.