Upsizing Requires Thoughful Planning

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Funny how when you buy your first home, it usually being quite small but hopefully well proprtioned, it is easy to get it furnished to a reasonable degree from either second hand shops or that very well known scandinavian home emporium.  The difficulty is agreeing on style and theme – there isn’t always a great choice in design.  Just the size and multi purpose nature can be a factor – if you only have one or two bedrooms, then buying a suite that includes a good quality sofa bed could be the answer the many problems at Christmas.

A young couple I know who are upsizing from a bijoux 3 bed starter home to a large and spacious stone conversion.  They feel sure that their current corner suite, square and no frills, will look odd in any of the rooms but will use it in the second reception.  Other more appropriate furniture is being browsed and surfed for at this very minute!